We urge care when considering a second-hand simulator. Often these products come on the market when the devices are very close to the end of their useful life and sometimes because sellers have realised a device is close to being beyond economical repair (BER).

As simulators age mechanical and electronic components wear. Often older simulators contain circuit boards and computer components which are no longer manufactured. Sourcing replacements for these can be difficult, and in some cases not even possible. We've seen cases where the cost of fixing an older device ended up significantly more than the whole device cost, and other cases where a few months after installation a customer has discovered their device cannot be repaired or returned to service at all.

Key things you need to think about when buying a second-hand simulator are:

  • How long do you need the device to last?
  • What is the "real" total cost of operation (TCO) going to be?
  • Are parts still available?
  • Can the manufacturer assure you parts will continue to be available for the required life-cycle?
  • Is there a competent person who can fully service and repair the device if you do have problems?
  • Is the manufacturer still prepared to provide support and at what cost?
  • As simulator regulations in Australia change will CASA continue to approve the device?

If you do wish to proceed and acquire a second-hand device we can assist in the following ways:

  • We can recommend and source better quality devices
  • Report on parts availability and likely service life of a device
  • Provide maintenance cost estimates
  • Provide guidance on regulatory reform which might affect you

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like assistance.

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