Overview - Frasca Helicopter Devices

Frasca manufactures a wide range of helicopter flight training devices, from Basic Aviation Training Devices through to Full Flight Simulators. Select the category of device you are interested in below and follow the links for details on the Frasca website.

If you are uncertain which category of device you need, please see our Simulators Levels Explained page.

Frasca Helicopter Portfolio

Frasca has a comprehensive online portfolio of helicopter flight training devices. Click here to view the Frasca online Helicopter Portfolio.

Helicopter Full Flight Simulators

For details of Frasca Helicopter Full Flight Simulators please click here...

Helicopter FTD / FNPT

For details of Frasca Helicopter Flight Training Devices and Flight Navigation Procedural Trainers please click here...

Helicopter AATD / BATD

For details of Frasca Helicopter Advanced Aviation training Devices or Basic Aviation Training Devices please click here...

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