Aviation Simulator Technology is a leading provider aircraft flight simulator sales, technical support and consulting services within Australasia. Based in Queensland we are the authorised representative in Australasia for Frasca International who supply Fixed Wing and Helicopter Full Flight Simulator (FFS), Flight Training device (FTD), and Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) solutions.

We've been the leading provider of flight simulator solutions and services in Australia, New Zealand, and the wider Asia Pacific Region for over 20 years.

Our capabilities include:

  • Flight Simulator (FFS), Flight Training Device (FTD) solutions.
  • Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) & Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) solutions.
  • Custom Built Home Based Flight Simulators.
  • Simulator consulting services for customers thought out Asia and Australasia.
  • Business case analysis and development.
  • Procurement management from order to commissioning.
  • Flight Simulator installation services.
  • Flight Simulator, Flight Training Device, and Advanced Aviation Training Device (Synthetic Trainer) technical support & repair.
  • Supply of industry leading CASA approved Synthetic Trainer Operations Manuals (STOM's).
  • Construction & supply of CASA compliant custom enclosures required for most approvals in Australia.
  • Custom airport development for X-Plane based Flight Training Devices & AATD's.
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